Hydrate with Harmony

From January 2022, alkaline water has been a topic of interest. The idea behind drinking alkaline water is rooted that helps in maintaining an alkaline pH in the body. Proponents of alkaline water make several claims regarding its potential advantages. Experiments show that it offers health benefits such as better hydration and potential antioxidant properties. Alkaline water typically has a pH between 8 and 9, which is recommended for drinking, as it provides many benefits and also balances the acid in the body.


The pH of wellness

You can now make your alkaline water at home daily. An ionizer, in the context of water treatment, typically refers to a device that is designed to alter the pH level of water by ionizing minerals in it. These devices are commonly associated with the production of alkaline water. Ionizers usually use a process called electrolysis to ionize water. Not only for drinking but also you can use for various other house hold uses by changing the pH levels. A one time investment and maintenance free device.


The Rush Of Energy

Nowadays, energy drinks have become a common choice of beverage. Sugar and caffeine are the two major ingredients in energy drinks. Ingredients in energy drinks are legal ingredients that are added to give an instant energy boost.Energy drinks are designed to give an “energy boost” to the drinker through a combination of stimulants and energy boosters.

Flavour Of Purity

Flavoured milk is a sterilized drink made from milk and added flavouring. Flavoured milk is another way to benefit from milk’s nutrient content. It’s particularly enjoyed by kids. Its great taste promotes consumption and its consumption provides them with the essential nutrients they need to grow.

Clean & Healthy Water

The USGS defines clean, safe water as “water that will not harm you if you come in contact with it.” When we're talking about clean water, we are often referring to drinking water, but it is also essential that water for all domestic use is clean. The Mineral Water we serve goes through 7 Stage Filtration process with the addition of minerals to water which not only makes the water pure but also healthier to drink.


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