Flavoured Milk


Flavoured milk is a sterilized drink made from milk and added flavouring. Flavoured milk is another way to benefit from milk’s nutrient content. It’s particularly enjoyed by kids. Its great taste promotes consumption and its consumption provides them with the essential nutrients they need to grow. According to major human nutrition and health and dairy product studies, flavoured milk drinkers have significantly higher nutrient intake and their calcium requirements are better met.
Milk is an essential food for all ages.As a part of a healthy life cycle, Milk remains a very important nutrient as a packed food item and we want to establish a rich milk-drinking culture in India. We are seeking to make a simple and joyful food intake for everyone, providing great taste, nutritional value, and natural products which will form a foundation for a good life.You and your family should never have to choose between enjoying a tasty snack and making the right nutritional choices to stay strong. With Spenca’s Flavoured Milk, the only choice you have to make is picking out your favourite variant — it’s the perfect healthy indulgence in between meals or at any time of the day.


Our flavoured milk range contains superior ingredients and the milk is freshly procured directly from farms. Our processing facilities operate under stringent quality standards, keeping the products in this range fresh with all their natural nutrients intact.


200 ml


200 ml


200 ml


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