What is Alkaline Water?


We have bought our Alkaline water to make sure every drop of water you drink benefits your health.

Alkaline water has a pH level of 8.5+ or more which makes it better than tap water which has a pH of 7. Experiments show that the acid content in the body has reduced more when we drink water with a pH level of 8.5+ as compared to water with pH level 7 and also providing many more benefits as compared to normal water.

Three main Characters of alkaline water are:
• pH ( Potential Hydration ): pH level is the measure of how acidic and alkaline a substance is on a scale of 0 to 14. Nothing but the measure of the amount of ionic hydrogen atoms dissolved in water. Alkaline water has a pH slightly higher than that of regular water. Because of this alkaline water is believed it can reduce the acid in the body. Experiments show people who consumed alkaline water has efficient blood flow and delivered good oxygen to the body.
• ORP ( Oxidation Reduction Potential ): -ve ORP is healthy water & +ve ORP is harmful water. It is the amount of energy in water in terms of electrons. ORP measures the amount of free electrons in the water. -ve ORP has anti-oxidant properties.Human body needs –ve ORP and shall be in alkaline side to function well.
• Micro Clustered water: It is a process of breaking large groups of water molecules into small groups for better absorption of water in cells. As in normal structure level, water does not stick to the cells, it gets carried away with impurities, this process is very active in water channel. As a result the micro clustered water penetrates the cells comfortably and removes impurities remaining to cells. Normal water takes 4 to 5 minutes to reach to every organ , alkaline water just takes 30 seconds to penetrate.

Benefits of Alkaline Water

• Contains natural antioxidants.
• Balance the pH level of body.
• Promotes better hydration.
• Nourishes the cells of the body.
• Body detoxification.
• Prevents aging and minimizes wrinkles.
• Fights sickness and improves immunity.
• Contains rich alkalines to reducethe over-acidity.
• Contains rich alkalines to reducethe over-acidity.
• Reduces bloatedness.
• Weight control.

Experiments show alkaline water might cures cancer and diabetes and also strengthen bone strength and reduce chances of heart disease.



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Alkaline Water

1000 ml


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