Spenca Mineral Water emerges from a place in the heart of natural resources. Purity & bottling at an ecological plant is insured perfectly at every level. The water goes through a seven-stage filtration process making it extremely pure & safe but in the process, the vital minerals are killed and the water is plain to drink so the addition of minerals is carried out to make the water rich & healthy to consume.We have been an established popular company with an excellent track record for the best innovation in our products to deliver great customer satisfaction.

We have never compromised on the quality & the service we provide to our customers. Spenca believes in keeping its customers happy & providing them with products at very excellent quality. Our customers also like the unique shape of our Premium water bottle with its different segments.

Mr. Suhas Admane is the visionary founder of Spenca Mineral Water, a company that has revolutionized the bottled water industry. With a strong commitment to community development and innovation, Mr Admane has successfully combined his entrepreneurial spirit with a desire to give back to his local village.
Spenca Mineral Water is more than just a company; it is a symbol of Mr Admane's passion for creating local employment opportunities and promoting sustainable business practices. By harnessing the power of natural resources found in his village, Mr Admane has built a business that not only provides high-quality mineral water to consumers but also creates jobs for local residents.
One of the key innovations that set Spenca Mineral Water apart from its competitors is its unique bottle shape and customized label branding. This attention to detail and commitment to quality has helped the company become a leading brand in the bottled water industry.
Mr. Admane's dedication to his community and his business acumen have earned him numerous accolades and recognition. He is widely regarded as a trailblazer in the bottled water industry and a role model for other entrepreneurs looking to make a difference in their communities.

Mr. Suhas Admane
Managing Director


In 2020 we launched fresh, raw & high-quality A2 Gir cow Milk and Ghee. Spenca delivered A2 milk with its natural goodness in a glass bottle without added preservatives to the customer’s doorstep. We like to keep all of the products as close to their natural state as possible. That’s the way we don’t homogenize and pasteurize our milk. The process of homogenization n pasteurization removes beneficial nutrients, bacteria & enzymes. We are dedicated to producing milk as close to its natural state as possible. We love farming, processing the milk & knowing that our customers are getting healthy products.
We are also ready on our feet to launch various other healthy products like Alkaline water and Ionizers which are also good sources for a healthy life.


✦ Foundation Year (Year-2015)

• First Manufacturing Facility Setup in Shirapur, Mohol, Solapur.           
• Launch of Regular Bottled Mineral Water.


✦ Launch of Premium Bottled Mineral Water. (Year-2016)                


✦ Increase in Production & Sales by 90 %. (Year-2017 / 2018)           


✦ Launch of Soft drinks (Orange, Lemon & Jeera). (Year-2020)         


✦ Launch of Desi Gir Cow A2 Milk & Desi Gir Cow Ghee. (Year-2021)


✦ Launch of Flavour Milk (Almond, Chocolate & Pista). (Year-2021)


✦ Launched cleaning products.                                                                 
✦ Launched Energy Drinks.


✦ Launched Alkaline Water.
✦ Launched Alkaline Water Ionizer.
✦ Working to launch the lowest priced bottled mineral water.
✦ Planning for export.
✦ Second Manufacturing Unit set up in Pune District.                         



We seek to become a responsible global corporate citizen, recognized for offering a unique water product to the world, which internationally demonstrates the bounty and quality of Spenca Mineral Water, identifying and developing strategic business partners to build global brand loyalty.


To distinguish, evolve and innovate opportunities that will not only solve client problems but also result in great customer satisfaction which will ultimately result in expansion.
To serve world-class quality at the lowest production and distribution cost which will make us an unbeatable leader in the industry resulting in satisfied loyal customers.

Our Values


We remain Independent, striving to maintain the highest level of trust, integrity, and professionalism. Our products are fact-based, objective and supported by sufficient, appropriate evidence by professional standards.


We accept responsibility for our products, upholding the highest level of manufacturing standards by evaluating and measuring our results against the benchmark. We strive to ensure that our work is relevant, credible, and timely


Our success depends on working together and fostering an inclusive and mutually supportive environment. Our work environment encourages collaboration, innovation, flexibility, and integration.


We clarify expectations up front and communicate openly, honestly, and accurately with our associates and our customers. We look for ways to improve ourselves and our products by seeking, giving, and using both praise & constructive feedback.


We promote diversity and equal opportunity throughout the organization. We value and respect the views of others.







📍 PUNE CORPORATE OFFICE: Platinum Square Building,3rd floor, office no-302, Viman Nagar, Pune

📍 SOLAPUR OFFICE: Shop No.6, Cross Road Building, Pune Highway Road, Solapur City, Solapur - 413001


18008330712 (Toll-free)

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